StadiumOdds offers a number of calculators to quickly determine the correct amounts to bet to ensure your maximum return.

Arbitrage Betting Calculator

StadiumOdds' arbitrage, or hedged bet, calculator allows you to enter the odds of two bets to determine how much you should stake on each to guarantee a maximum profit regardless of the outcome. If a bet has positive odds greater than the opposing negative odds, there is a profit available and you will have a guaranteed win.

Free Bet Conversion Calculator

StadiumOdds' free bet, or free play, conversion calculator determines the rate at which you can turn a bonus bet or free bet into cash. By entering the amount of your Free Bet into the Conversion Calculator you can see how much to bet on the opposite side of a free play to maximize your guaranteed profit.

Sign-up Bonus Calculator

Many sportsbooks offer sign up or risk-free first bet offers. Some offer bonuses only if your first bet loses. If your first bet wins, you do not qualify. StadiumOdds' Sign-up Bonus calculator allows you to determine the highest cash return regardless of the outcome of the first bet. The calculator does this by determining the correct under-hedge to guarantee the best return of these first bet, risk-free offers.

No-Vig Fair Odds Calculator

The StadiumOdds' No-Vig Fair Odds betting tool can be used to easily remove a sportsbook's bet spread, or vigorish, and calculate true, fair market odds and win probabilities for given bet.

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